Part 1: The Fair

"The Hartford Independent Agricultural Society,
or better known as the "Hartford Fair" is located in the Northwest corner of Licking County. It is a unique fair in comparison to other Ohio fairs. It incorporates directors from Licking County and two neighboring counties, Delaware and Knox. Because Licking County does not have a County fair, the Junior Fair includes exhibitors from all of Licking Co. and portions of Delaware and Knox Counties."
"Agriculture has been stressed through the years along with the promotion of 4-H and youth activities. The Licking County Junior Fair was added to the program in 1938. From that time the majority of the growth of this fair has been with youth organizations and centered around their activities. We are proud of having one of the largest Junior Fair programs in the State."
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It seemed natural, then, that a youth oriented television station should become involved, providing coverage and publicity for the youth participating in the Fair, as well as an outstanding learning experience for the students at WGSF Television.

Accordingly, WGSF Produced a number of programs from the fairgrounds. The mobile TV van, purchased in 1969, opened up a lot of possibilities, and those were explored extensively. WGSF visited the livestock barns, 4-H talks, demonstrations, and concerts by the Licking County 4-H Band. The cameras focused on project displays of arts, crafts, and skill demonstrations. Many 4-H, FFA, and Scouting exhibitors were interviewed, as well as members of the Senior and Junior Fair boards.
     The TV Station even had their own 4-H club, focusing on journalism and photography. WGSF Manager Leland Hubbell was the club advisor. The students had their own individual entries, and the station had a display booth entered in the 'Schools' category.

The station had only one video tape recorder, which meant that the 100 pound recorder had to be transported to the fairgrounds every morning, and back to the station in Newark for the evening broadcasts. The process was rather frenetic! Several students were sent out to roam the fairgrounds, looking for program possibilities. The rest of the crew set up equipment, recorded the program segment, then took everything apart and moved to the next set-up.

Could high school students produce high quality television programming? Yes, they could!
The WGSF Student Staffer's were given a great opportunity, accorded a large measure of responsibility, and their actions spoke well for themselves and the "Student Staff" program at the station.

Part 2 - Hartford Fair History Solicitation
 E-mail: admin, 10/14/08
I had a phone call from Mary Ann Arter, who is writing a history of the Hartford Fair. She and her husband, Bill, were secretaries for the Fair for many years. She wants to include information about the WGSF television coverage of the Fair.
See - they remember us!

Any memories? I know that you have some.

First year at the fair:  Seems that we did something before we had the big mobile truck, and we got the big truck in 1969, right? Mary Ann thought so, too. But what did we use?

How many years did we cover the fair?  I know we also had a display a time or two.

Had one person pass out as we were taping in the Arts and Crafts
Building; Someone - Lucy? broke speed records getting to first aid.

Susan Edwards brought rubber gloves to milk the cow.

Diane R. - do you have program broadcast information in the program logs?

Info - Please!?!
Mr. H

This Is Part 2:

10/14/08 6:38 AM
In 1968 we had a white Ford Econoline that Walker and Battat "donated", at least once I played announcer and said thanks to W&B for their support or something like that. Susan and Bob Buhler were hosts and dressed like country hicks, Bob had the only Panama Hat that I'd ever seen up to that time. We'd lug the camera, tripod and all that cable from truck to remote site several times a day. We kept an electrician who worked for the Fair busy setting up power drops as we moved from location to location. It was a lot of fun and I'd ride with Bob arriving early in the morning and getting home well after dark every night.  It was a pretty neat job for a 15 year old!

10/14/08 11:35 AM
I remember taking Dan Wade up to the Hartford Fair in 1975 in the Blue Truck using one of the portable Helical Scan recorders (think we called them "mini-motes") to shoot a feature story or some filler.

Well, the trip went this way. We took the blue truck, but Dan couldn't (or didn't know how or didn't want to learn) how to drive a standard so I drove him. I think that John Hall was the only one of the upper level staff that knew about it. (I had not come on board as paid staff and that was the only way you could be on the insurance to drive)
So this might be one that got by.

10/14/08 9:14 PM
I remember covering the Hartford Fair.  It was so much fun.  Lots of good stories to tell.  My years would have been 1974-1976.
One thing I recall is worrying about the equipment getting dirty and dusty.  I'll bet you engineer types were having a FIT.
Am I correct that your daughter was the Honey Bee Queen?  I always thought she made such a pretty queen.
I can remember milking a goat at your farm...did you have goats at the fair?
The 4-H band was big at Hartford Fair.  I could put Mary Ann in touch with my sister about that....she was very involved.

10/14/08 10:43 PM
I remember scaring the kids driving the tapes back from the fair to air that night.
Also, you pushing me to be in the queen contest and coming in 3rd, and my blue ribbon for newswriting.

10/16/08 5:01 PM
I have pictures from 1970.  I cannot remember if you have copies or not.
With the program logs, sorry but I still seem to be missing 1965 thru 1973.  Anyway, there was Hartford Fair specials in 1974 8/6 thru 8/9.  No specials in 1975 but maybe something was done on "31 Reports".  
I did double check August 1975 and the program logs did not include the contents of "31 Reports." John Hall did give me some programming info but it is buried somewhere in my living room.  I will continue to look and dig.

This is Part 3:

Request for comments

Any memories? I know that you have some.
Please contribute to this Hartford Fair history project.
Leland Hubbell