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Workshop In Dramatics For Television - Summer 1966

Description of Course

A workshop in dramatics for television provides the student with
opportunity to work both in front of and behind the camera.

The term dramatics includes both acting nd speech activities such as
announcing and interviewing. The student is expected to know the
terms and signals used in TV Communications, how to operate a TV
camera and how to do any other job connected with producing a TV

Organization consists of both study and working periods, sessions in
classroom and TV studio. All this is to culminate in four "live"
programs: two dramatic and two news-type.

No texts or workbooks are used. The students are given a list of
basic TV and dramatic terms and are expected to supplement these with
lecture notes. They are provided with two play scripts which are
enlarged to fit broadcast time periods by the addition of original
scenes and songs written by the students. News programs are student
written and produced with staff approval of subject matter.
Enrolled: 1966

Bill Clifford
John Hall
Pat Pohlman
Beth Saunders
Karen Forrer
Kathy Koegle
Judy Bauman
Scott Elliott
Jim Eshelman
Gene Ricketts
Bob Grundish
Kathy Wolverton
Chris Shanaberg
Robin Coelho

Helen Brown
Rowena Jones
Betty Patterson - Assistant
Leland Hubbell - Chief Engineer WGSF


Both of the Instructors, Helen Brown
and Rowena Jones, were teachers at Newark High
School, and had taken the course in
Teaching By Radio and Television
(Education 601) at the Newark Branch of
The Ohio State University in the spring of 1963,

The course was taught by Dr. Hazel Gibbony of
the Communications Center at Ohio State University.
Summer School 4
Summer School 5
SS 7 Shanaberg
WGSF Studio with set in 1966
Students in costume
Christopher R. Shanaberg
Playing a dramatic role out by the Memorial Rock
Christopher R. Shanaberg
In costume for a different role
Summer School 8
Summer School 11
Audio booth
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