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In the spring of 1963, the Newark Branch of the Ohio State University offered a course in Teaching By Radio and Television (Education 601).
The course was taught by Dr. Hazel Gibbony of the Communications Center at Ohio State and enrolled the following teachers:

Margaret Agin
Alice Armstrong
Monna Berro
Helen Brown
Thelma Bounds
Bernard Campbell
Marjorie Fant
Janice Greider
Elizabeth Hall
Helene Hart
Rowena Jones
George Roberts
Leah Russell
William Snook
Mabel Stockman
Otto Stockman
Angelin Taylor
Elizabeth Weston

Because of the availability of WGSF, the course concentrated on teaching by television. As a finale, the class presented a live half-hour broadcast of different methods of using television in the classroom and the community. The telecast was made on May 20, 1963 from 8:00 until 8:30 PM.

Mrs. Janice Greider, Audio-Visual Director, has an 8mm film of this telecast in her files. It is believed that there is a tape recording of the audio portion in possession of one of the class members.