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NSN-19 back on air in Newark

This article from the This Week News (part of the Dispatch family) is an 
update on the current video production classes in the Newark City Schools.
"The broadcast and video-production class is sponsored by C-TEC and 
offered only to Newark High School students. Newark schools have had a 
broadcast program since the 1960s, but it was closed in the late 1990s 
to reorganize."
Most of you on the WGSF e-mail list go back to somewhere to that 
beginning in the 1960's and early 1970's.
I have visited the NSN-19 facility a few times, and talked to Brad 
Philhower. He is on this e-mail list. 
It is interesting that "The broadcast and video-production class is 
sponsored by C-TEC and offered only to Newark High School students."
For those of you "out of the loop" C-TEC is what was called the "Joint 
Vocational School."
Perhaps Brad will provide more information on his operation, where the 
classes are held at the high school, and maybe even provide some photos 
of the NSN-19 facilities downtown. The NSN stands for "Newark School 
News" (I think.)
WGSF Television shut down broadcasting at sign-off on June 30, 1976, as 
most of you know. The operation, and some of the production and terminal 
equipment, was relocated to E Building at Newark High School later that 
summer. The room allocated was 8 feet wide and 19 feet long, and the 
adjacent room doubled as the TV Studio, a study hall, and Library Annex. 
The high school campus had been wired for television CCTV distribution 
when it was build in 1962-63. I connected the TV Center to the system, 
and could pipe programs throughout the campus by the spring of 1977. We 
only had a couple of television receivers on mobile carts, but moved 
them around as best we could.
Newark had an operational CATV system by that time, and I persuaded them 
to connect the Newark Schools TV Center. It took some work, but I 
finally got some officials from the CATV company to look at our 
operation. I showed them the current schedule, and plans to expand it to 
other schools and the community at large, much as was done at WGSF 
They looked it over, discussed the possibilities (Federal law said CATV 
systems needed to provide a community school channel.)
They were doubtful. Few school systems had followed through with actual 
programming after the company spent time and effort hooking them up. 
"How long will it take." they inquired, "to begin operation after we 
connect you to our CATV system?"
I took them behind the racks, pointed to a connector, and said, "Just as 
soon as you hook your cable to this connector!"
It worked. We soon had the connection.
All of the schools eventually were able to receive instructional 
programs from the TV Center, which was actually on CATV Channel 20 at 
that time.  There was a problem with interference from two-way radios is 
some parts of town, and the CATV company switched the Newark City 
Schools to Channel 19. (Now you know the rest of the story!)
The system has changed a lot over the years. The TV Center no longer 
provides instructional programs, as most schools now have their own 
television players, including the high school.
It is gratifying to see that television production courses are still 
offered at NHS, and students are excited about hands-on broadcasting.
So take time to read the article.
Although NSN-19 will not air election night coverage this year, some 
alumnae of both WGSF and CATV 19 will be involved, I'm sure.
Lu Ann, Sheri, Dan B. and Dan W., Mitch and a few others are "in the 

Let us know about your involvement.
Would you like to hear directly from some of the students currently in 
the NSN-19 classes?
Perhaps we can use the WGSF blog and E-mail to have all of you share 

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What say?
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